Personal Data – Consent

I am aware and I do agree with Abrites Ltd and all its affiliates and subsidiaries (together "Abrites") to collect, process and analyze my: first name, family name, delivery address, address for VAT purposes (if any), phone number for contact and e-mail address for the purposes of:

- identifying me as a consumer;

- sending the activation links to me by e-mail;

- delivering devices to me via DHL courier;

- activation of/providing the service ordered;

- warranty support;

- performance of their obligations under my consumer contract;

- for statistical purposes in order to improve the services offered;

- when agreed, for sending to me information/offers about their products/services by e-mail in compliance with their Privacy Policy.

I am notified that I can withdraw my current consent free of charge and at any time by sending an e-mail to

I declare that I have read their Privacy Policy and I am aware of the ways they process and keep my personal data, as well as of

- my right of access to my personal data;

- my right to request updating and / or correction;

- my right to request deletion;

- my right to request limitation of the processing;

- my right to data portability;

- my right to object to processing in a particular way and for certain purposes (automated profiling);

- the right to complain before the local Commission for Personal Data Protection.

I am aware that I can exercise these rights by sending an e-mail to